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Soundboard Consulting

Has your marketing brain frozen? Why not let us help you bring clarity to the situation and work with you to identify a way forward. ‘Soundboard Consulting’ gives you access to marketing professionals without the ongoing commitment.

Sometimes ideas spring to mind which are undeniably brilliant. That said, not every brilliant idea makes it to the market place and generates sales! We are here to generate those sales by helping you not only find your place in the market place, but also to give you that edge over your competitors. Many of our clients leave these sessions having experienced the ‘wow’ factor having discovered new possibilities. 

The sessions are simple, we listen and learn about your goals, aims and objectives and then we ask questions. Asking questions has a two fold benefit; firstly, it helps us understand your product, secondly it enables you to work through the processes step by step which often results in a ‘light bulb moment’.

Working with a marketing ‘sounding board’ opens up many possibilities that will benefit your business. 

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Retained Services

Do you want access to an experienced marketing team at the ‘drop of a hat’? We can provide you with ongoing advice and support for a fixed monthly fee. 

We’re not constrained by the day-to-day and as such can help your business to set clear objectives and define your strategy. Tapping into our wealth of experience will prevent you from wasting time and money on marketing exercises which are unlikely to benefit or profit your business. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to bring new innovative ideas to your business which will result in a strong return on investment.

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Strategic Review

Where are you and where do you want to be? Two of the key questions every business faces. Through a strategic marketing review we’ll help you see the way forward; identifying what to start, what to stop and where to reform!

Our strategic review consulting is designed to give you an objective opinion and identify the areas in need of improvement. During this process we listen, look and then feedback with observations, recommendations and solutions.

Strategic Reviews bring an objective opinion on the past and identify how to optimise for the future. Sometimes reviews reaffirm, other times it point to an entirely different direction. The important part is that guides you to find what can help you grow your sales and customer base. 

Following the strategic review we will provide you will a full report with recommendations for improvement and alternative routes to achieving your goals.

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