During the economic crisis, SME’s, charities and other not for profit based organisations suffered tremendously as unrestricted funding was expensive and not easy to acquire. iMARVEL! have worked in the fundraising sector for a significant length of time and through their experience devised a model that assists organisations to raise funds without the heavy upfront costs and fees. Even now with the financial crisis passed this approach truly works and provides incredible support to organisations that need to take the next step in their growth.

Our approach is simple, we will create for you all elements to complete your fundraising campaign. Managing all elements of the campaign as well as self-funding all of these dynamics of the campaign. Once we have captured video content and produced promotional material required by agreement for the campaign we then move to secure your funding through utilising our skills in Social media, on television and through other approached. Within 8-12 weeks depending on the type of campaign our clients receive their funding directly. The funding received will be unrestricted, meaning that you can utilise the funds to help cover costs that otherwise you would need to fund-raise for.

Why use iMARVEL! to Fund-raise?

 With years of experience in the sector we both know and understand how to communicate a message to the public, this, coupled with our commercial skills at utilising social media and other streams to generate interest creates significant momentum that ultimately helps you build your database, as well as generating donations. All of the financial risk on fundraising is on our shoulders, namely if we don’t raise it, then we don’t invoice, this is all agreed in line with the Institute of Fundraising by means of contract prior to commencement.

If you have a requirement  for fundraising, whether it be charitable or for a profit making business then we would be happy to speak with you and explore how we may be able to assist.