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Legal Marketing. 3,500 leads in 30 days

Every business owner wants to know how to increase their ROI whilst keeping their front end costs to an absolute minimum. Every business owner is also looking for high quality work sources that are fully compliant with regulatory bodies, whilst at the same time spread the word about their services and represent them to the highest possible standards. It seems like a dream scenario, and, in an over-saturated, highly competitive legal environment, identifying the correct people to acquire leads can be a very difficult decision to make.

This is where I would like to introduce iMARVEL! to you. Last month alone we generated in excess of 3,500 new clients for our legal customers; how did we do that? Over the past five years we have worked on very clever marketing techniques through social media which has now identified us as potentially a market leader in this field within the legal market place. We never use recycled data, text message or even speak with your prospective clients, we simply tell them about what you do and they make a LIVE enquiry. The people that we introduce to you are genuine clients looking for legal services. Whether that be with enquiries for clinical negligence claims, personal injury, payday loan refund enquiries, holiday claims including food poisoning or flight delay compensation. 

We generate leads and enquiries in many areas and in high volumes, some areas that you may have thought were not possible to access such as the highly competitive RTA market place which is both over-saturated and in light of recent concerning announcements from the Chancellor Mr Osborne, by April could become a thing of the past or certainly lose it’s prominence in the market place. At present many Solicitors and barristers are looking for alternative work sources, this is where we can help.

We are able to begin providing you leads within 24 hours of your instruction, most of which are proven to run on a 70-75% conversion rate from lead to converted client. This includes non-regulated areas such as flight delay compensation where we can easily produce over 1000 leads per week, to payday loan refund enquiries, wills, and personal injury matters. In terms of cost, our fees are based on marketing campaigns that run over a period of time, introducing to your practice a steady stream of pre-qualified enquiries; We never charge per lead, only per campaign but from our experience we can provide you with a strong indication of response depending on which campaign you wish to trial.

We would like to be able to work with you to firstly demonstrate the highly effective approaches we utilise but also to generate you leads, enquiries and ultimately new cases.

Please complete the form below and one of our senior team will contact you by return to discuss how we may be able to assist and provide details on marketing campaigns processes and volumes. If you wish to proceed with an initial marketing campaign we will be able to launch within 24 hours of your instruction following your approval of all content and copy to be utilised.

We look forwards to speaking with you in more detail and helping you to increase your case volume in areas of your choice.

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