Dean Seddon

Starting out in sales, Dean has worked his way up from humble beginnings. At the age of 18 he secured a marketing contract with a national retailer and was distributing point of sale across the UK. During Dean’s 16 years in marketing and development he has developed a unique insight into strategic results driven marketing.

Dean has worked with a number of companies and NGO’s based in the UK, Europe and the USA with a strong emphasis on business development, marketing and fundraising. Previously Dean served as a consultant on the global leadership team for GOD TV,  an international television broadcaster reaching into over 900 million homes daily.

Dean heads up the fundraising and client marketing accounts in iMARVEL! and has a strong reputation for delivering highly innvovational projects which has led to the transformation and growth of many businesses. With a broad and international understanding of marketing in a variety of cultures, Dean works closely with the clients of iMARVEL! to develop campaign concepts and the work flow to process the volumes of enquiries and leads that the business produces.

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Jonathan Hulton

A trained communication specialist and former Police Officer, Jonathan began his career through acquiring a number of contracts with legal practices in the North West of England; working with his clients in areas of marketing, media engagement, data acquisition and business development he was able to identify holes in the market that required new innovative approaches to fix.

Jonathan’s has also provided global marketing and large scale events consultancy for a number of global television and radio broadcasters in the charitable sector, as well as appearing on the BBC and SKY news in relation to national issues of banking which occurred in 2012. 

As lead generation and marketing specialist, Jonathan as Sales Director of iMARVEL! works with a number of clients with a strong focus in the Legal, Insurance, education and financial sectors. At present iMARVEL! generates millions of pounds in revenue for their customers, delivering leads, fresh data, enquiries and new sales.  It is the creativity in the company combined with a sales approach has propelled iMARVEL! into great success and together with their team, the founders provide high quality and high volume delivery for growing companies across the UK and beyond.